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Align with your genuine self, create meaningful connections, and experience unwavering support. You are never alone.

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Are you ready to step into a transformative

spiritual journey?

Do you want to connect with like-minded individuals and explore your spirituality in a safe space together??

Because right now, you might feel alone. You're aware that there's a greater purpose or something bigger waiting for you, but it remains just beyond your grasp.  You just know that there's a profound, uncharted territory waiting to be explored. 

You may have a religious background, or perhaps you once followed a particular faith.  Maybe you still follow that faith, or maybe you now find yourself uncertain about your beliefs.

You're not alone. Many others are on a similar journey,

wondering if they are also seeking something more. As you stand at the entrance of something bigger, the path might be clearer with the support of a like-minded community.

You're not alone. Many others are on a similar journey, wondering if they are also seeking something more. As you stand at the entrance of something bigger, the path might be clearer with the support of a like-minded community.

Spirit Calling is a welcoming community of love, unity, and spiritual growth. Here, people of all faiths come together to step into a shared human journey. You have the freedom to express your unique beliefs and connect with others who share your passion for spiritual growth.

Our membership offers you a variety of opportunities to expand, engage, and embrace your unique path. We provide you with the tools and insights to navigate your spiritual journey with confidence. From overcoming challenges to embracing new beginnings, you'll find guidance at every stepImage.

What if there was a portal containing all of the

guidance you’re seeking?

  • No more feeling isolated and alone in your quest for spiritual growth

  • Enjoy unlimited access to workshops, seminars, and direct channeled messages

  • Embrace a welcoming place to connect with like-minded people

  • Receive profound wisdom from our guides, the Great Council of Light

  • Access divine guidance tailored to your unique path

  • Access a wealth of resources to expand your spiritual understanding

  • Step into your spiritual potential as you join others to create a connected community and world

Harness the power of our community and begin to Live the Call.

Why you need

Spirit Calling

Spirit Calling offers you a unique opportunity to step into your soul’s true purpose. We provide a supportive community where people of all faiths come together to explore and expand their spiritually together. By joining us, you'll gain access to the wisdom of the Great Council of Light (GCOL), with monthly recorded messages and weekly written messages just for the community, and personal channeled messages.

Say goodbye to the struggles of wandering aimlessly on your awakening journey, as Spirit Calling equips you with the tools needed to navigate your personal spiritual path. You'll develop deep connections and friendships, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and participate in events and gatherings, including workshops, seminars, meditations, and live meeting room sessions.

Our exclusive access to trusted professionals, along with free and paid courses, ensures you receive ongoing guidance and a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth. With monthly sound healings, a resource library, and monthly channeled videos, Spirit Calling offers an abundance of resources and unwavering support.

So, why do you need Spirit Calling? It offers you the tools to unlock the benefits of your spiritual journey and experience a closer, connected world where all faiths grow together through love. Your transformation awaits.

What makes

Spirit Calling unique?

Pamela Downes is the driving force behind Spirit Calling, an engaging online community that guides people on their spiritual awakenings. With unwavering passion, Pamela's mission is to provide essential guidance and tools for a self-empowered spiritual journey. Spirit Calling's nurturing environment encourages members to explore and embrace their spiritual growth together.

Spirit Calling stands as a testament to Pamela's commitment to helping others connect with divine guidance and a supportive community of like-minded people. Within this portal, practitioners lead monthly calls, providing valuable insights and addressing questions to aid in each member's unique spiritual path.

Pamela's journey towards creating Spirit Calling began with a vision, a calling that beckoned her to establish a place where spiritual seekers could come together and grow. The Great Council of Light, her guides, emphasized the portal’s creation as a vital step to empowering those on their spiritual path. 

Driven by a desire to nurture the spiritual awakening of all who seek it, Pamela invites you to join Spirit Calling. Here, you'll find not just a community but also a spiritual family, ready to support and guide you on your path to spiritual enlightenment. Experience the transformative power of community and divine guidance as you embark on your extraordinary spiritual journey with Spirit Calling.

Community Member


“I am so grateful that I heard about Spirit Calling. When I joined the portal I instantly felt welcome and like I belonged. I can without a doubt say I have grown in the short time I have been a part of this portal. It has opened up a whole new world for me. I am more at peace and able to better move through my emotions because I feel like I am being held, not just by the people on this portal, but by our guides across the veil. I cannot wait to see how this community evolves and how I evolve along with it.”

– Angela

The best thing about SC [Spirit Calling] is knowing that you are not alone. Going through these massive shifts and wondering why you feel certain things can be scary, but having this community share their experiences whilst also receiving guidance gives me peace of mind and allows me to surrender. Having a leader such as Pamela is just what we need during these times! I'm so grateful for all of the healing too.

– Vipul

I feel comforted to know I’m not alone in the journey of ascension. It’s wonderful to get free tips when I can’t afford to see all the amazing professionals.  PS- I love practicing giving healing energy in the Reiki group. I also look forward to the amazing sound healings! I love being a part of the Spirit Calling Community! I can't believe we get so much for this low price!


What is included in

Spirit Calling Today?

Access the Wisdom of our guides, the Great Council of Light

Delve into the profound wisdom of the Great Council of Light. You'll receive a monthly recorded message with teaching to illuminate your path, and weekly written messages to offer continuous support and guidance.

A Supportive Spiritual Community

Our private community is a place for like-minded individuals. We embrace people of all backgrounds and belief systems. Join us to create meaningful connections, share your spiritual interests, and receive unwavering support.

Inspiring Events and Gatherings

Participate in a wide array of events, including workshops, seminars, meditations, sound healings, group calls, and live meeting room gatherings. Experience the joy of receiving direct channeled messages from the council.

Themed Discussion Groups

Choose from self-selected discussion groups based on your interests. Engage in enlightening conversations about topics that resonate with you.

Learn from Aligned Professional Partners

Our group of experienced professional partners are here to guide and support you on your spiritual journey. Find the assistance you need to live the call.

Continuous Coursework for Spiritual Growth

Expand your spiritual knowledge through our extensive library of free and paid courses. As our network of members grows, our course offerings continually evolve.

Monthly Sound Healings

Experience the power of monthly curated sound healings, crafted at various frequencies to support the energy of our community.  Our sound healing library is continuously expanding.

Live Channeled Messages and Sharing Your Experiences

Join our “LiveThe Call" sessions, where you can listen to others’ profound stories of their awakening experiences. Gain insights from fellow community members who have heard the call, answered the call, and have chosen to live the call and make an impact in the world.

Workshops and Guest Appearances

Immerse yourself in workshops and guest appearances, including Abundance Grid Workshops, Astrology sessions, Psychic Mediumship, Meditation guidance, Divination tools education, and much more.

Resource Library

Access our resource library, featuring 41 book recommendations and 25 video suggestions. Benefit from the collective wisdom of our partners and members.

A Welcoming Meeting Room

Our main meeting room is the perfect place to connect with fellow community members. You can arrange spontaneous meetings, join morning coffee chats, or participate in evening happy hours. New member meet and greets are held regularly.

Access Replays of All Channeled Videos

Our channeled videos offer profound insights and guidance from our guides, the Great Council of Light. They are a vital part of our platform, catering to individuals at every stage of their spiritual journey. We're committed to providing something for everyone.

Plus, Elevate Your Experience with 
3 BONUS courses!

By purchasing today, you’ll also secure entry to 3 of our most in-demand courses:


Nidra Meditation

This practice will bring you into a state of deep acceptance of the entire human experience including all of the joy, sorrow, pleasure, and pain.

Energy Management for Empaths

Learn vital tools and practices to help you cope and transmute energy with more ease in your daily life.

Chakra Harmonization Through Movement

Through repetitive and intentional movements, you’ll release stagnant energy and invite restorative energy to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Get 3 of our most in-demand courses included with your membership trial today

Are you ready to

Live the Call?

Our commitment is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and community you need to advance on your spiritual path. We're excited to have you on board as we continue to evolve and expand. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming courses and the opportunity to explore spirituality and science in a whole new light. Your transformation awaits!

What are you willing to

Invest in Yourself?

Unlocking the potential of Spirit Calling is an invaluable opportunity. Access to our extensive course offerings and practitioner services individually would easily surpass thousands of dollars, granting you only a fraction of the wisdom that awaits within our community

However, for those ready to take their first step on this journey,

the cost is just


per month

Our commitment is to provide you with exceptional value for an accessible price, making Spirit Calling the ultimate portal to support your spiritual growth. Don't miss this chance to redefine your spiritual journey.

Who Spirit Calling is for

  • Spiritual Seekers and Explorers: This is for people who are ready to step into their soul’s purpose, and connect with others who are ready to do the same.

  • Community-Driven Individuals: If you value the power of a supportive community, embrace everyone, and believe in the strength of unity, this is for you.

  • Open Minds and Open Hearts: Spirit Calling is for those willing to explore a variety of spiritual practices and engage in thought-provoking discussions, as well as those who are open to receiving guidance from a divine source.

  • Lifelong Learners: Whether you're an experienced spiritual explorer or just beginning your journey, Spirit Calling is your source for continuous learning, evolution, and expansion.

Who Spirit Calling is NOT for

Skeptics and Closed Minds

Spirit Calling may not be suitable for those who are not open to the possibilities of spirituality or the wisdom from a higher source.

Isolation Seekers

If you prefer staying isolated and untouched by the power of community and divine guidance, Spirit Calling may not align with your needs.

Religious Dogmatists

Spirit Calling is an inclusive space for all faiths and backgrounds, and it may not be a suitable fit for those rigid in their religious beliefs.

Let's ensure that Spirit Calling remains a supportive sanctuary for all those eager to explore their own spirituality, expand their horizons, and connect with a diverse and loving community.

Spirit Calling


Everyone who joins Spirit Calling will gain access to:

  • Inclusive and Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded people of all faiths and backgrounds in a welcoming space.

  • Divine Wisdom: Receive monthly recorded messages and weekly written guidance from the Great Council of Light.

  • Inspirational Live Calls: Engage in bi-monthly "Live The Call" sessions, where fellow community members and special guests share their awakening experiences and insights.

  • Workshop-style Exploration: Join the "Founding Awakeners" calls for internal members, diving into diverse spiritual modalities and self-discovery.

  • Tailored Discussions: Access self-selected groups to explore topics that resonate with your interests and engage in enlightening conversations.

  • Aligned Professional Partners: Connect with a curated group of vetted teachers, healers, and guides.

  • Expansive Learning: Explore a growing collection of both free and paid courses to expand your spiritual knowledge.

  • Sound Healing Library: Immerse yourself in our continually expanding library of 21+ sound healings, each crafted with the community's needs in mind.

  • Knowledge and Inspiration: Delve into a vast resource library, including 41+ recommended books and 25+ enlightening video suggestions.

Absolutely No Risk to Try Spirit Calling!

We have unwavering faith that Spirit Calling will be a life-changing experience for you. To give you the utmost confidence, we're providing a risk-free 7-day trial. If, for any reason, you find that it doesn't meet your expectations within this trial period, we'll promptly cancel your membership, no questions asked.


Spirit Calling welcomes people of all faiths and belief systems. Our inclusive community is designed to foster spiritual growth, regardless of your religious background.

Absolutely! We embrace individuals of all belief systems, including those who do not align with any specific religion. Spirit Calling is a place where spiritual seekers from various backgrounds can come together to explore their unique paths.

Spirit Calling is the perfect place to start your spiritual journey. Our supportive community and variety of resources are designed to help newcomers navigate their awakening path with confidence.

Yes, Spirit Calling caters to people at all stages of their spiritual journey. Even if you're a seasoned traveler on the spiritual path, you'll find value in our community, advanced courses, and direct channeled messages.

Absolutely! We are thrilled to welcome professional partners who want to share their wisdom and guidance with our community. Our platform provides an ideal space for experienced professionals to contribute their expertise and expand their reach.

So, if you're ready to answer the call and become part of a community that embraces all faiths, all you need to do is take the next step.

Simply click the button below to start your 7-day free trial. We'll promptly send you your access details, and you can begin installing the wisdom of the Great Council of Light into your spiritual journey.

If you've resonated with the message, if you've felt that inner calling, trust yourself. Taking action to join Spirit Calling will be a decision you won't regret. Your journey of spiritual growth will not only enrich your life but also empower you to support and transform the lives of others.

And, there's another reason to act now. Our pricing is currently at its most accessible, and the exclusive bonus pricing is still available. As our community grows, the price will increase, and this special bonus pricing might not be offered once we reach our target membership. You might have the opportunity to join later, but every moment you delay is a moment missed in your spiritual evolution. Decide now and be glad you didn't hesitate to embrace this powerful community. Click the button below to start your spiritual journey with Spirit Calling.

Of course, the decision is yours, and it's okay to say no. We understand that you have to be ready. But if you don't try, will you ever be content with passing on this transformative opportunity?

Take the leap and click the button below to answer the call with Spirit Calling.

If you have any trouble signing up, email support@spirit-calling.com and we will assist.


Pamela Downes

Meet Pamela Downes, the Visionary Behind Spirit Calling. 

Pamela founded Spirit Calling to help guide people through their spiritual awakening. The Spirit Calling online community offers classes and tools to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Members have access to practitioners who lead monthly calls and answer questions. With guidance from the Great Council of Light, they offer support to those on their spiritual journey. Join Spirit Calling today to connect with like-minded individuals and discover the power of community and divine guidance.